Sustainable pest documentation and professional business organisation based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV


The user surface of the Pestsoft software makes it possible to provide and process data for the pest controller team  in a simple and clear way. The documentation for the pest controller’s customer is clearly structured. Easy to read reports, trend analysis, analysis for the selected periods, documents for audits, training confirmations for service technicians.


P App

The app for service technicians is available in several languages  and can be installed on all prevalent smartphones.* The app’s logical structure and the innovative handling  support the service technicians perfectly during their calls and are therefore well  accepted by the users.

P Packages

1 Docu

+ Documentation system

A multilingual, online-based software solution, which requires no installation and is therefore available straight away.

+ Contracts

Different types of orders, such as pest control orders, product sales and maintenance contracts are created and administrated.

+ Calls 

The basis data is entered in the maintenance contract. Calls for technicians are automatically created.

+ Route & capacity planning

The system analyses routes and capacities of the entered working hours  and automatically creates suggestions for the new planning period. This way the working days for technicians are considerably optimized.

+ Resource planning

By considering public holidays, holiday schedules and business meetings, the available working hours  can be planned and staff shortages can be easily  avoided.


+ Time registration

Automatic records of the service technician’s working hours via the mobile App which are then available for further use in the database.

+ Analysis module

For analysing trends, with individual possibilities for filtering and different period reports..

+ Intuitive data capturing per app

Suitable on smartphone and tablets. Simple data capturing and immediate creation of PDF-reports on the device.

+ Clearly-structured reporting system

For clear structures and simple PDF-creation.

+ Individual report layouts

Reports and documents can be provided with the company’s logo.

+ Corporate management

Important organisational performance ratios are clearly displayed in the role centre.

2 Business (incl. Docu functions)

+ Offers

Creating, editing and guided follow-up of offers.

+ Fully-integrated ERP industry solution

For mapping all business processes, isolated applications are replaced and problems at the interfaces removed step-by-step.

+ Invoices

Creating  invoices for pest control, product sales, automatic, period generation of invoices from maintenance contracts.

+ Reminder system

A fully automatic reminder system creates actualised receivable accounts on receipt of the respective bank data.

+ Electronic document dispatch

Automatized reminder process and invoicing.

+ Final costing

At one glance one can tell whether there are deviations on the calculated cost for a single customer, a business area or a period in time.

+ Purchasing

Purchasing of  entered articles and suppliers is controlled.

+ Material management

Ideal stocks are secured.

+ Corporate management

Important financial ratios are clearly displayed in the role centre.